How can I reduce the cost of the transport?

Transport date flexibility

The more flexible you are in relation to the date of transport (2 weeks to 2 months), the sooner we have got the chance to link your transport with an other to avoid empty runs. Therefore we can offer discounts between 10% and 30% on the original price.

Is the yacht ready for collection?

If the yacht is completely prepared and packed for the transport, we spare a lot of time and you save money.

How to prepare my boat and mast for the transport?


  • Inside the boat you prepare everything like for a strong storm on the sea: No loose things on the ground or on the cupboards that can fall down.
  • Things you store on the ground which are hard enough to scratch the wooden ground or the furniture should be laid on some kind of rubber.
  • On the top of the boat you should take away the middle part of the rail (pulpits are not necessary)
  • The sprayhood has to be taken off.


  • Take away all stays and shrouds and roll them together and put them in the boat.
  • All aerials, toplights, the windex shoult be taken away, then in the boat.
  • Spreaders should be taken away.
  • The furlex forstay has to be disconnected.
  • After that you wrap the whole mast a few times in a strong plastic-foil and fasten it with tape or tesa-pack
  • After that you put the loose furlex forstay on the mast as flat as possible, the furlex drum is just hanging over the edge of the mast-heel, the top of the forstay is hanging a few centimeters (20cm) over the masttop. Under the parts, where the furlex is touching sharp parts of the mast, you have to put some rubber.
  • Now you fasten the furlex-profile with a belt of tape every 40cm.
  • TIP = if you also put some foil on the furlex-profile, you don´t have to clean it from the tape-glue after the transport.
    Please wrap also the booms into plastic foil with some tape-belts at the ends and the middle.

If you have some more questions, please call

How much will be the approximate cost of my transport?

The costs for your transport depend among others on the yacht size. Still, there are a lot more details influencing the price.

For every transport the cost is calculated individually, taking into account the distance, time needed and additional costs such as special permits, toll and escort car with large yachts.

Basically the larger your yacht and the further the transport the higher the price. It may be 2 € per km but can also reach up to 90 € per km with transports that take a lot of effort. Added to the price will be the value added tax applicable in the country of loading, e.g. 19% in Germany or 25% in Sweden.

If you are interested in an individual offer please call us or contact us on our Online-Form.

Which information about my yacht does the transport company need?

We need the dimensions of your yacht, i.e. length, width, and height, furthermore weight and draught. We also need to know about any special features such as alterations or earlier IOR constructions as they need to be loaded with a hanging keel to minimize the pressure on the hull.

It is essential that we know the precise transport height. Therefore if the total height of your yacht exceeds 3.70 m, please, inform us about the exact total height. You can also tell us the yacht type. In most cases we then know the dimensions.

Furthermore we need information about keel form and type and number of drives.

Please inform us about the exact length of the mast if it is longer than 15 m.

If you use our Online-form you simply fill in the necessary information where applicable.

Can I store my yacht individually without using a crane?

The Ford set-down system on frames allows an individual indoor storage for 12 mR yachts, so why not for yours?

In October 2008, Promocean Aps, a company, had its 12 mR yachts “Vanity” and “Thea” transported from Fakse (DK) to an indoor warehouse 4 km away using a frame set-down system. For unloading the set-down system was applied as a crane could not be used.

In the warehouse only two vintage yachts are stored so that there sufficient room to work on the yachts and adjust the storage climate to the needs of the wooden yachts. Another advantage of the chosen warehouse is its nearness to the crew’s and owner’s places of residence.

Since we have modified the set-down system in 2007 for these yacht dimensions it could meet all the expectations of high load capacity (35 t), good ride comfort and manoeuvrability.

More information about this system can be found under vehicles.

If you have another way of storing your yacht in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find a way to realize it.