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Sören K.

Dear all,

I would like to extend my sincerer appreciation for all support given us for the import of our Hallberg Rassy 43 from Montenegro/Split to Sweden.

As things got more complicated and time consuming than expected, it did almost put us in a situation not being able to meet the transport dead-line from Split to Sweden.

Due to your combined effort, we made it! – Thank you!



Olof N.

Many thanks Sven!
It is always a pleasure to work with you, fast delivery, attention to details and good communication.

I call you when we go back south again 🙂

Best regards and “Glad Midsommar!


Burkhard H.

Hallo, ich habe gerade den zweiten Teil der Rechnung bezahlt. Vielen Dank noch mal an ganze Team, die Abwicklung war in allen Teilen super!
Viele Grüße auch an Andreas, der so vorsichtig gefahren ist, dass sogar die lose an Deck liegenden Splinte in Holland angekommen sind.
Burkhard H.

Kjell S.

Thanks for a smooth and professional transport of our boat, we are strongly going to recommend you if someone need a transport.

Kjell S.

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