Rigging Service

Besides transport of the yacht we can offer to our clients the de-rigging and the packaging of the yacht ready for transport before loading it on the truck and accordingly re-rig it at the destination.

Our drivers, who are experts in this field and can …

  • disassemble all necessary parts, pack and store them professionally.
  • then rebuild everything at the destination, so that the boat will be ready to leave for sea.

The pro:

  • Our drivers know best, which parts of the boat have to be removed or especially protected, by packing during the transport.
  • Daily controls can be more effective and precise, as the driver did pack and place it himself.
  • Disassembly and mounting of the boat are executed by the same person who knows, where and how every part was mounted.

As the amount of work required depends upon the size of the yacht and it’s equipment. An all-inclusive price can’t be offered for the rigging service. Therefore we calculate this at EUR 35.00 per hour per person. Packing materials are not included in the price.